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       Shankh & Friends

       A Global Music Project

A recognizable personality, Shankh Lahiri is dedicated to propagating, promoting and preserving the heritage of Indian Music and Culture in Florida, as well as in the USA, through his Nonprofit 501c organization-  ‘Shruti Foundation’ and premier Music school in Tampa, - the Shruti School of Music. 

        As a multi-talented Tabla Artist, Singer, Music Educator, Music Producer and Composer, Shankh has gained an honorable reputation as a traditional touring musician, as well as in the field of cross Cultural World Fusion -with a project called ‘Wahh World Fusion Band’ and ‘Shankh and Friends’. 
     Shankh created this dynamic Musical Group to share his rich, traditional musical history and cultural upbringing from India with the West and perform it in an unparalleled feast of integrative spiritual nourishment and delicious musicality with a safe environment for people to open their hearts and voices.
Shankh traveled extensively in India, meeting many great saints and singers. Bhakti and devotion became his personal path.

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