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"Only from The Heart can you touch the sky" ...Rumi

Tabla Artist, Singer, Composer, Producer, Music Educator 
East Meets West - A true Fusion 

Uniquely captivating and fully dynamic Indian Melody and Rhythm weave with Rock, Jazz and Funk Music to create an unique and one-of-a-kind sound. 

     In India, “Wahh” means ‘inner joy and deep appreciation from the heart’ – or ‘wow’… The band leader, Shankh Lahiri, brought this inner joy of Music from India to West – with a vision to bridge musical cultures and bring diverse audiences together under a creative new sound.

Shankh Lahiri  is the Founder and Director of Shruti Foundation Shruti School of Music - a fast growing Music organization in USA that promotes the rich Art of Indian Classical Music as well as Cultural and Intercultural Music through its ongoing Classes, Concerts and Workshops. 

        As a multi talented Tabla artist, Singer, Music educator, Music Producer and Composer, Shankh has gained his honorable reputation in Music from a busy schedule of performing with seasoned Senior Artists around the world as well as many new, young Contemporary Artists.

        With strong traditional Indian Classical Music training and wide performing experiences in World Music, he has achieved a deep understanding of  Cultural Music and gained a reputation as a highly creative and innovative concert performer in both Classical and World  Music genres. 

         In addition to his regular touring as an International Tabla Artist and Director of his Music Organizations, Shankh also equally involve with his Cross Cultural Projects 'Wahh World Fusion Band' and 'Shankh & Friends'.


       Shankh & Friends

       A Global Music Project
     Using the rich & traditional musical history of Shankh Lahiri’s cultural upbringing in India and collaborating with multitalented instrumentalists & electronic DJs. This unique Global Music Project offers a journey into ambient soundscapes

( Sound Bath ) with ancient meditative mantra chanting

( Call & Response ),

lead to a healing experience uniquely. 

     High-energy electronic DJ with live looping technology highlighted with Indian Ragas (Vocal) ethereal melodies, Synth, Harmonium, and Uplifting Indian Tabla Drums with Guitar and Bass combinations creates a spiritual atmosphere of festivity. 

Shruti School of Music

Shruti School of Music, a school of learning and appreciating Indian Classical Music and World Music. Founded by Music educator Shankh Lahiri. The school has been involved in promoting this music in the U.S. by providing instructions in Tabla, Vocal music, harmonium, Sitar to a variety of age groups in the Tampa bay area and throughout Florida. We offer Private and group lessons in Tabla, Vocal, Harmonium, Sitar. Online Classes available for all age groups. All our music students receive multiple opportunities every year to perform in public concerts as well as in our annual Shruti School of Music Student Recital .

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 Shruti Foundation 

Shruti Foundation strives to lead our Community, nation and world to a deeper appreciation and involvement of World Cultural Music, specializing in Indian Classical Music. Through frequent public performances, progressive quality training, interactive workshops and educational outreach programs, Shruti Foundation aspires to preserve and promote the world cultural heritage of international music, providing an available platform for global music artists to share their music traditions, explore and perform through integrative concerts and workshops that are easily accessible to the general public.

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